Main products: solar panel, solar power system, solar light, solar pump, solar cooker, Photovoltaic Sculpture and solar home appliances, etc.

Our company's photovoltaic products are mainly used for military and civilian power supply for remote areas, family and public lighting, agricultural PV pumps, residential rooftop power generation systems, large power stations, parking areas, solar energy architectures and special areas such as transportation, telecommunications, petroleum, marine and meteorology. The combination of solar power generation and building materials makes future large-scale constructions achieve electricity self-sufficiency.

A Himin has the world's largest private solar energy technology testing center, 20 laboratories and 1326 items of testing project. Himin owns more than 430 enterprise standards, yet there are less than 20 national standards less than 50 international standards. On January 6, 2009, Himin got China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) certification, whose testing report has the same effect as national testing reports. Himin also introduced advanced testing equipment from Germany, Olbricht, and had rigorous technical testing of solar battery modules and lamps.

B Himin prefers Raw materials which are internationally renowned products and get TUV and UL certification, takes sixteen rigorous testing for raw materials of the EVA and TPT backplanes, tempered glass, tag battery, tin-plated copper.
Testing of EVA: testing of cross linking degree, shrinkage test, peel strength test, test of light transmittance, UV aging test, and damp heat test;
Testing of TPT backplanes: peel strength testing, UV aging test, insulation experiment and dimensional stability test;
Tempered glass: impact resistance test, debris experiments, light transmittance experiment;
Battery tag: electric properties testing, adhesion test of grid;
Buss ribbon: resistance test.

C Eight technical detections of finished solar modules:
Electrical performance test, insulation test, thermal cycling test, ultraviolet test, cold test, bypass diode thermal test, climate model experiments.

Eight major advantages of Himin solar light:
1. Green and environmental protection-green power supply and green light source.
2. Energy saving and high efficiency- With solar modules our solar light can convert solar radiation energy into electricity without any additional energy supply and the operational process is cost-effective, without any emissions or pollution.
3. High quality- Advanced production and testing equipments and finest raw materials ensure the high reliability and stability of our products' performance. So clients can feel secure in purchasing our products.
4. High brightness -The lighting supply adopts solar modules with high conversion rate. With the best lighting angles design, the lighting supply can provide adequate power for high efficiency lights , best lighting effects and build a shining city on the new card.
5. Long lifespan - Himin's battery modules have a lifespan up to 25 years, so clients can acquire long-term benefits with one investment.
6. High intelligence - Our light switches can be controlled automatically and achieve unattended operation. Solar lights of collector streets can reduce their output power in order to save energy in the night when there are few pedestrians.
7. High security-Our lights are low-voltage products, whose voltage is only 12V or 24V. So there is no risk of electric shock and no harm to the body. The light comes with high strength connection between the lamp bodies and the wind resistant level is 12.
8. Convenience - The installation is simple and our light can eliminate dead lighting angles without trenching wiring. The light also can be installed according to the terrain.

Since our foundation, we at Himin PV have never wavered from our goal to provide high quality and easy-to-use solar products to our customers worldwide. To accomplish this, we place great emphasis on the product design, raw material selection, and production processes. To begin, we give utmost attention to each design detail and strive to make innovations regarding product appearance, structure, control and performance. In addition, we purchase TUV, UL approved raw materials from world renowned brands. These raw materials, as well as finished photovoltaic products, must undergo multiple stringent testing in our Low-carbon Sci-tech Testing Center which is equipped with advanced testing instruments. Moreover, we employ a professional production team and utilize fully automatic, standardized production equipment. We've written over 300 standard operating procedures (SOP), and every single work step in the entire manufacturing process that could affect the quality of our solar panels and solar lights is strictly regulated and monitored. As a result of our dedication to quality, our photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic sculptures and other products are TUV, CE, IEC, UL and MCS certified.

To make our PV products highly competitive in the global market, we focus not only on ensuring product quality but also on lowering prices. Backed by our fully automatic production and testing equipment, we are able to reduce our manufacturing costs through mass production. We are also located in Dezhou city, near Qingdao seaport and Tianjin seaport, so we have easy access to convenient transportation. This enables us to save on logistics cost and make quick delivery with low shipping charges for our customers around the world. All of this makes it possible for us to satisfy customers with high quality and competitively priced monocrystalline photovoltaic module, solar street light, solar power water pump, solar cooker, etc. Currently, we are serving customers in over 40 countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Britain, Mexico, Australia, India, Kenya, Singapore, among others.