Overview of solar valley:
Himin Solar Valley Scenic Area: Himin solar valley is the only micro-emission wetland holiday area in the world, which was built by Himin. The main business of Himin solar valley covers hotel, tourism, conference, exhibition, education, training, ecological agriculture, clean energy buildings, solar thermal and PV products manufacturing industry.

Hotels: the world's sole 5 star micro-emission garden hotel group
The world's sole 5 star of micro-emission garden hotel group is composed by the International Micro-emission Hotel, Saturn Bar, Mars Singing, Tai Chi Tea, Venus Enterprise Club, Neptune Gymnasium Club, Jupiter Bar, etc. The whole garden hotel group applied for the most advanced technologies in the world, namely, solar hot water supply, heating, cooling, photovoltaic power generation, combined with the construction. Having nearly 1,000 low-carbon rooms, 30 unequal size and scale low-carbon conference rooms, the hotel group has undertaken the 4th International solar cities congress and 1st solar expo.

Tourism: the world's only micro-emission wetland holiday area.
The world's only micro-emission wetland holiday area has a cultural tour of Solar Valley theme, low carbon science tour, the future smart eco-home tour, Solar Valley young people expanding tour, etc. Among the 11 classic tours, the most distinguishing one is magical journey of the sun. Here, you can enjoy solar cooking dinner, micro-emission hotel , take the solar telpher, have a fun in Stadium of zero carbon, the solar pool, buy the magic ceremony of the sun, and tour micro-emission wetland holiday area.

Conference: The world's first low-carbon International Conference Center.
Global low-carbon International Conference Center is located in the world's only micro-emission wetland holiday area - Himin Solar Valley. There are nearly 10,000 mu of forest oxygen bar, ecological wetland park, the world's first "double 5-star" low-carbon hotel group, scene dining, theme park, low-carbon tourism, sports and leisure activities, large-scale performing arts in the solar valley. It has successfully held the 4th International solar cities congress, having created a precedent for low-carbon conferences held on low-carbon places. The solar valley has become an ideal place to hold top forums, corporate training, conference, exhibition, group learning, study tours and large-scale variety show, etc.

Exhibition: The world's first low-carbon technology expo and exhibition center
Himin Solar Valley Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of 100,000 square meters. The main museum covers an area of 35,000 square meters; the temporary museum covers an area of 15,000 square meters. There are 40,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition and outdoor parking. The center has the world's largest Low Carbon Technology Expo and Shandong Energy Conservation Museum. During the Fourth World Conference in Sun City in 2010, nearly ten thousand exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions came to the center. So it's a real integrated stage of technology exhibitions, academic exchanges, business trades and tourism experience.

Education: The world's only university to culture renewable energy technology talents
Himin Solar Valley engineering and technical college is the world's only one to culture renewable energy technology talents. Based on the demand for talents, the college set up majors such as the production of new energy, the marketing of new energy, building design of new energy, project management of new energy and solar power generation. The current total construction area of the school is 83,000 square meters. There are many practice bases, including 12 factories, more than 10,000 marketing shops.

Training: Himin Practice College - the first domestic practice college of commercial warfare
With the purpose of "open, frank, practice, true", Himin Practice College creates a integrated communication platform of practice, experience and purifying of souls for the global entrepreneurs, corporate executives, MBA and EMBA participants. Himin Practice College has three-course system of Himin standard curriculum, Himin public course and Himin best course. Jointly organized by the Business School and practitioners, it's a unique domestic practical course of commercial war, making global business elites to become the founder of the Green World.

Ecological Agriculture: Himin Solar Valley eco-agricultural sightseeing garden
Himin Solar Valley sightseeing eco-agricultural garden covers 200 acres, composed by ten regional areas, which are ecological landscape area, organic fruit and vegetable production area, forest fruit tree culture zones, rural folk leisure park, field development area, entertainment venue, agriculture exhibition center, waterfowl, fishing and watching area, production experience area, secondary ecological forest oxygen bar.
With the purpose of developing clean energy eco-agriculture, the tourist park is a integrated green ecological agriculture leisure tourist destination, with scientific research, planting, breeding, food, accommodation, tourism and leisure, etc.

Clean Energy Building: the world's first Solar Building Exposition
The Sun-Moon Mansion, low-carbon International Conference Center, Solar Energy Cube, solar churches and solar Seven Stars villa form the Solar Building Exposition. Its construction follows the standard of " humanity, ecology and energy saving, beauty and harmony", using the world's first technology of solar hot water supply, heating, cooling, photovoltaic power generation, combined with construction. The exposition is the world's largest solar building exposition.

Manufacturing: the world's largest solar energy R & D and manufacturing center
Himin Solar Valley launched the world's leading Me Pad(micro-emission wisdom of integration and solution) is a set of micro-emission integrated systems and solutions, but also an intelligent energy-saving management platform. Emperor Ming in the With guidance of "Micro-Emission Earth" strategic, by integrating a variety of clean energy and Internet, such as solar thermal, solar and clean energy construction technology, the center can make energy-saving transform and management for various aspects of the city, such as home, hotels, parks and factories, achieving micro-emission or even zero of variety of energy consumptions.

2012 Solar World Congress was held here.
China Solar Valley is the host place of the 2010 World Conference in Sun City. And the Sun-Moon Mansion is a landmark of China Solar Valley, which was invested to build by Himin solar energy Co., Ltd. It's currently the world's largest solar architecture, with a total construction area of about 75,000 square meters. September 1, 2008, the headquarter of Himin solar energy Co., Ltd. moved to the Sun-Moon Mansion.

The Sun-Moon Mansion is integrated with display, research, office, conference, training and hotel. It's the world's first perfect combination of solar hot water supply, heating, cooling, photovoltaic power generation technology and architecture. The energy saving of the building can be up to 70%, plus 60% for heating, cooling and 88% for energy saving. So the mansion is full compliance with the future "green 5-star" building standards of fashion point of view, such as energy-saving, environmental protection, humanity, ecology, etc. It's also the model project of comprehensive utilization of solar energy technology and building energy-saving technology. Himin solar energy Co., Ltd. not only improves the technical standard system for solar energy applications, but also independently develops a number of solar products with independent intellectual property rights and provides a strong technical support for large-scale promotion and application of solar buildings. Dezhou specifically set up China Solar City Strategy Committee, commanded by the mayor, in order to speed up the construction progress of solar city and solar valley. By 2010, the industry output of China Solar Valley is expected to reach 50 billion yuan with an annual output value of 100 billion yuan when the whole the project is into production. At the same time, China Solar Valley will become the world's largest gathering place of solar energy industry.

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