Huang Ming, vice chairman of ISES, deputy of the National People's Congress of the 10th, 11th of the People's Republic of China, and vice chairman of Institute of renewable energy in China, is also the vice chairman of China Energy Conservation Association and China Rural Energy Industry Association. At the same time, he is a senior engineer of professor level and board chairman of Himin solar Co.,Ltd.

In 1982, Huang Ming graduated from China University of Petroleum.
In 1995, Huang Ming established Himin solar energy group, who was in debt to the extent of nearly one million at that time.
In 2005, he got the nomination of CCTV's "China Economic Person of the Year" Award.
In May,2006, Huang Ming was invited by United Nations Headquarters to be the keynote speaker on the UN forum, and told more than 100 member countries of the world and dozens of international organizations Chinese solar energy sustainable development model (referred to as the " Himin mode") created by Himin, becoming the first person of Chinese entrepreneurs boarded UN forum.

In December 2006, he was jointly awarded the "2006 Green Person of the Year "title, who was the only selected entrepreneurs, by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Central Committee and State Environmental Protection Administration.

In January 2007, Huang Ming was be chosen as "Chinese characters for charity" by China Charity Federation; On March, he was awarded "Outstanding Contributions to China's Renewable Resources " by WWF(World Wide Fund for Nature) ;On May, he was employed as a specially-appointed professor of MBA of Business School of Renmin University of China Master.

In April 2008, Huang Ming was invited again to attend Asia-Pacific Business Forum held in Bangkok, Thailand by the United Nations specially; In September, he was elected as vice chairman of the International Solar Energy Society, becoming the first Chinese leader of authoritative academic institution of international renewable energy.

In December 2009, Huang Ming, as the vice chairman of the International Solar Energy Society and a Chinese business leader to participate in the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, invited by a number of international environmental organizations. During the meeting, he not only directly talked with Schwarzenegger and got attention from foreign high-level, including the Crown Prince of Sweden, but also be named as the "era hero of climate entrepreneurs" by Global Focus.

In September 2010, Huang Ming put forward the strategy "Micro-Emission Earth" for the whole world during the 4th International solar cities congress for the first time. The subject was to make "Micro-Emission City" mould, which was practiced and perfected by Himin, advancing to the whole world in large area, and jointly to cope with the two major global problems of energy and the environment. Huang Ming has been agreed with mayors and experts from over 200 cities of over 30 countries around the world. In January 2011, Huang Ming won the 2010 "CCTV Annual Innovation Award", the only award of the new energy industry entrepreneurs.

October 29, 2011, Nobel alternative prize, "Right Livelihood Award" was announced in Stockholm, Sweden. Huang Ming, a Chinese entrepreneur, international food organizations, American educator Gaskin and Human rights activist Moudeina from Chad Shimu shared the honor. This was the first time of 30 years for a Chinese to receive this award.

Huang Ming is named "Solar-King" ," the first person of Chinese solar energy industry" by international renewable energy community ". Under Huang Ming's command Solar, his Himin solar energy is walking at the forefront of the world in a global non-mature industry, out of the strange Circle of "introduction, digestion and absorption and lagging behind , then introduction, digestion and absorption and lagging behind again". Through independent innovation, he creates a sustainable model of development of the Chinese solar and becomes the world's renewable energy enterprise development benchmark.

As a deputy of the National People's Congress, Huang Ming is the leading motions sponsor of the Renewable Energy Law, directly promote the national law promulgated and implemented. Having boarded UN forum for two times, as Vice-Chairman of the International Solar Energy Society, Huang Ming spread "Himin model" into the whole world, which helps speed up the world solar industrial system and business process, thus changing the unsustainable development status of the world's renewable energy mainly depending on the government.

Huang Ming, the first one in China to put forward the "G (green) alternative energy strategy", recommends large-scale alternative solar thermal for industry, agriculture, construction, life heat and promotes renewable energy an alternative to traditional energy sources. The strategy is included in the national renewable energy development plan. He also represented civil to prepare the first timetable for alternative energy. That is "recent replacement", by 2020, renewable energy is alternative to conventional energy by 25%, solar energy accounting for 12%; "mid-based", by 2040 renewable energy replace 55% of conventional energy, solar energy accounts for 25%; "forward exclusive ", by 2060 renewable energy replace more than 90% of conventional energy and solar energy accounts for 50%.

Huang Ming also has highest attainments on the traditional culture and business management, who are often invited to all parts of the country's colleges and universities, corporate lectures, domestic and foreign high-level meetings and forums speech. In 2008 he was named "the most influential hundred experts". He personally wrote the Himin Commercial Road, the heart resonate and dry, etc. Huang Ming's blog is praised as the "Business Think Tank" and" first finance blog, which gets nearly 10 million clicks and attentions from all walks of life.

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