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A sustainable form of alternative energy, a future freed from fossil fuel dependence-this is what drives us. Powered by the Sun, HIMIN Solar Energy Group has faithfully served the environmentally aware since 1995. As a leading Chinese manufacturer in the global industry for renewable energy, we are committed to the development, testing, manufacturing, and distribution of cost-effective power solutions. HIMIN Clean Energy Holdings Company-also known as HIMIN PV-is our main subsidiary. This important extension of our group specializes in products such as the solar panel, solar light, photovoltaic sculpture, solar PV system, solar pump, solar cooker, and various types of solar home appliances. Customization options are available to accommodate the requirements of client-side specifications.

After 2 decades of groundwork, we have emerged as a pioneer in the domestic industry. Our solar power solutions are ideal for industrial, agricultural, residential, and commercial areas including schools, hospitals, airports, PV plants, etc.

We are responsible for the drafting of more than 300 standardized operating procedures (SOP). Each stage of the manufacturing cycle is closely monitored to ensure the quality of solar lights and panels. Our photovoltaic modules, sculptures, and other products are certified by standards such as CE, UL, TUV, IEC, and MCS.

HIMIN PV strives to provide customers everywhere with high quality and user-friendly solar products. To accomplish this, we have placed great emphasis on aspects such as product design, raw material screening, and production integrity. Each design detail is meticulously deliberated for a streamlined approach to structure, appearance, control, and performance. We procure UL and TUV approved materials from world renowned brands. Along with finished photovoltaic products, all raw materials must be processed via multiple rounds of rigorous testing within our state-of-the-art Low-carbon Sci-tech Testing Center.

Competitive pricing and manufacturing integrity have increased the viability of our PV products on the global market. Well supported by an array of fully automated production and testing equipment, we are able to reduce manufacturing costs through bulk production. The annual production capacity is estimated to be around 200 MW solar panels and 10,000 solar lights.

Our corporate headquarters are located within Dezhou city. Close proximity with both Qingdao and Tianjin seaports grants us excellent freighting options. Optimized logistics allow us to operate with high degree of efficiency. HIMIN maintains close business relations with localized utility companies as well as solar distributors, developers, power system integrators and installers. We have satisfied customers in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide including Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Britain, Mexico, Australia, India, Kenya, Singapore, etc.

HIMIN PV has proven itself as one of the largest solar product manufacturers in the world. Prospective clients are encouraged to visit us on-site at the HIMIN Solar Valley. We seek to build long-term partnerships through mutually beneficial cooperation. Together, we can change the world.

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