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BIPV Module

Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) is a new concept that uses solar power generation. Briefly speaking, the solar panel is installed in the outer surface of buildings to supply electricity.

Advantages of BIPV
1. The BIPV system can make full use of construction space and save land. In this way, BIPV module can lead the public to change the traditional concept of the building and make energy saving become the main stream of building development.
2. Applying BIPV panels can also reduce the use of conventional energy, produce clean energy, improve the life environment and yield long-term environmental benefit.
3. Photovoltaic building can yield benefits for many years with one investment, so it can be a long-term investment item with considerable economic benefits.

Our company can produce and supply a variety of BIPV modules; they are widely used in building external walls, curtain walls, and daylighting ceiling for sun shading, UV protection, noise reducing, etc.

With the production and test technologies of high quality solar panels, the advanced hollow combining technology, and the international patented magnetron sputtering coating technology, Himin photovoltaic panel has won wide recognition in domestic and overseas markets.

We can design, produce and install the BIPV panel according to customers' requirements and product use, so as to make the product bring more benefits.

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